Happy Valentine’s Day! 💖

Happy Valentines Richard Armitage

So what’s the big deal?

This is.

hollywood reporter

Today makes the first time Richard Armitage has been featured prominently, with his name in the headline, in a major Hollywood industry magazine – and there really are only two them.

In addition, they tweeted the story to him.


Next is Variety.


Guess I’m Watching You After All

Wow, this is huge. Read the novel in college after seeing Michael Mann’s (Miami Vice) Manhunter with William Petersen, and Tom Noonan as Dolarhyde. Confession: As much as I loved the book and all the related movies–most especially Silence of the Lambs–I still haven’t seen Hannibal…outside of that of the myriad of Tumblr gifs posted by a VERY LARGE dedicated Fandom and fanbase.

This could be a game changer.

Congrats! Richard Armitage reaches 100K on Twitter @RCArmitage #RArmitage100K

Richard Armitage 100K

Congratulations to Richard Armitage, who has reached 100,000 Twitter Followers today.

From January 5 through January 11, 2015, the account climbed rapidly from 95,000 to the milestone. Richard’s Twitter Followers reached 100,099.9K RCA00 around 9:00 a.m. PST., with Richard’s well-wishers tweeting #RArmitage100K , #richardarmitage, and #100Kfollowers world-wide to mark the occasion.

RCA Twitter Challenge@sahraobsessed has posted the RArmitage100K Challenge to further celebrate the event at 11:00 p.m. PST today.



Richard Armitage 100K Followers on Twitter Pinnacle Approaches

100K CountdownRichard’s Twitter Followers are quickly approaching 100,000. At the current rate of increase, which I have estimated to be about 1,500 to 2,000 new followers in a 24 hour period, the 100K turnover looks to be on or around late Wednesday PST, or mid Thursday PST.

Several Twitter followers gathered today to brainstorm ideas on how to celebrate this occasion.

@peppgrad is tracking the progress this week and will update on her Twitter and Facebook accounts.


Suggested tags are #RArmitage100K along with #richardarmitage for the event. All contributors are welcome!

Tweeting new followers is not suggested, because it appears it may violate Twitter terms of service. (Spamming)

And if you are not yet on Twitter, or a Richard Armitage Follower there yet, Twitter Richardhere’s your chance to be a part of that milestone!

Including Richard in the Tweet is at your discretion and may be seen as spamming also.

Those who wish to share with a posted graphic to mark the event are still encouraged to do so.

@sahraobsessed has posted the RArmitage100K Challenge to make the event extra special.

Very special thanks to those involved in our initial planning and in the brainstorm group:

@peppgrad, @sahraobsessed, @chattypatra @LadyCharlotte79, @NellinDreams, @OakyDoki, @Armitagina, @GratianaL and @JadeR61799!

Stay tuned!

Taking Things For Granted

When things change, we are either prepared or were are not.  If we are not expecting it, chances are it is because we have assumed consistency. And when that happens, often there is shock, maybe some pain, and possibly even regret, involved.  This regret can stem from taking for granted that which was assumed would always be there, available, or expected to produce.
I have just learned that the Richard Armitage Fan Page, Richard Armitage Online, will discontinue her updates due to restrictions that exist in the program that houses the website.richardarmitageonline
Having only come into the Fandom a few years ago myself, I am not fully aware of the website’s origins, its creator(s), or its actual time of inception.  All I have really known, outside of the catalog of articles, news, and career chronology, is that the website is/was a source of Richard Armitage’s monthly-down-to-annually Messages or letters to his fans, which were posted faithfully and openly by the website and its webmistress, Annette.
Like Richard’s posted messages, I had assumed that they would always produce and be fruitful, offering pieces of insight into the mind, heart, and soul of the very actor that many of us have come to admire, as a result of viewing his work in some form.
And as with other websites that dedicate themselves to the celebration and archiving of Richard’s bio, career history, press, images, and all things related, Richard Armitage Online has consistently provided Richard’s fan with regularly updated, publicly made, actively available information – and all completely through the work of the websites creator(s)’ own generosity and expense. At least, as I understand it.
In interviews, I have heard Richard make mention of Annette and make reference to the fan sites in general.  I can only speculate as to what this kind of acknowledgement might mean to one who makes such an effort to produce and maintain a website, with only things like sincere admiration or even a desire to be of service, as payment. That and a maybe a desire for an outlet to create as well.
My own true regret is that I have assumed that Richard Armitage Online would always be there.  And that like most any professional looking site which may also be assumed to be commercially funded, I also took for granted that it would always be updated with the plethora of regularly available goods that circulate on the internet for fans like me to enjoy.
richards last letter
Although Annette has indicated in a message on the site that she is not taking it down, but merely discontinuing the site’s updates, it still brings a sadness that such a thing will occur.
From my heart, I simply wish to say to Annette, and to anyone else who may be currently contributing to the site, that I have fully enjoyed and appreciated all the lovely work contained on Richard Armitage Online, and that I now regret that I had not visited and communicated more often.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Nominated for Four VES Awards – A Taste of Oscar ?

The VES Méliès Award

The VES Méliès Award

The Visual Effects Society announced the nominations for the 13th Annual VES Awards on Monday, with four category nominations going to the folks at WETA, just one shy of last year’s nominations. (more…)


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