‘Hobbit’ Crossing $300 Million Worldwide; Will Beat ‘Anchorman 2’ at Domestic B.O.


6 thoughts on “‘Hobbit’ Crossing $300 Million Worldwide; Will Beat ‘Anchorman 2’ at Domestic B.O.

  1. Oops I have a typo in my comment above.It should say “the thrust of the message was that the movie *was* lagging behind AUJ – not vice versa. So the tone change I see is a more positive, supportive tone than before.


  2. Great news. Thanks for sharing. There’s a minute change in the tone of some of these reports. Before, while they couldn’t deny the success and great numbers of the first weekend-especially considering fewer theaters than last year and with the weather issues that hit the nation, the thrust of the message was still that the movie was not lagging behind AUJ in US box office. The reports were accurate, but it sometimes seemed like a bit of a buzz kill.


    • I haven’t seen any tone changes, but I haven’t really actively looked. Honestly all I care about is how entertaining I have personally felt it is – worthy of yet another viewing as soon as I can fit it into the holidays.

      I went ahead and checked the “Tomatometer” and the rating hasn’t changed much, and Audience rating is still much higher than the Critics’.


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