SceithAilm’s 2014 Geek Calendar – Featuring Mr. August & Mr. December, Richard Armitage


Olga Levina (SceithAilm) has completed all the elements of her 2014 Geek Calendar in time for printing and gift giving.  She has made her Hi-Res images available to all – and not just this blog – essentially gifting it to her fans, as well as the fans of the Artists depicted. The images are high quality and print beautifully in 11″ x 17″! (see below)

(To view higher resolution – click each linked image, then click to enlarge; right-click to save image)


2014 geek calendar by sceithailm


2014 geek calendar by sceithailm – january – benedict cumberbatch, khan


2014 geek calendar by sceithailm – february – tom hiddleston, loki


2014 geek calendar by sceithailm – march – benedict cumberbatch, sherlock holmes


2014 geek calendar by sceithailm – april – helena bonham carter, mrs. lovett


2014 geek calendar by sceithailm – may – tilda swinton, gabriel


2014 geek calendar by sceithailm – june- gary oldman, dracula


2014 geek calendar by sceithailm – july – johnny depp, capt. jack sparrow


2014 geek calendar by sceithailm – august – richard armitage, sir guy of gisborne


2014 geek calendar by sceithailm – september – alan rickman, severus snape


2014 geek calendar by sceithailm – october – tom hiddleston, adam


2014 geek calendar by sceithailm – november – natalie portman, princess padmé amidala


2014 geek calendar by sceithailm – december – richard armitage, thorin oakenshield

The printing of this calendar on 11″ x 17″ calendar paper, including cover stock and binding, cost approximately $16 each at Office Max, which made great gifts for the holidays – including for yours truly.

calender boys

2014 geek calendar by sceithailm, as printed by crystalchandlyre

calendar boys

2014 geek calendar by sceithailm – calendar boys – richard armitage, mr. august & mr. december as printed by crystalchandlyre



Artist, Olga Levina – SceithAilm. Friend/Follow her at:

24 thoughts on “SceithAilm’s 2014 Geek Calendar – Featuring Mr. August & Mr. December, Richard Armitage

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  2. Reblogged this on My Sort of Bloke and commented:

    Congratulations, Crystal. This post is currently the #1 blog post shown on Google Search when you type ‘Happy New Year 2014’! Thank you to SceithAilm for her outstanding, beautiful artwork!

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  3. Thank you Olga and Crystalchandlyre for an absolutely beautiful calendar! I will definitely print it. I can’t believe you’ve shared it for free – it’s just amazing and very professional. As a non-artist (can’t draw at all!) I really appreciate your talent!
    Happy New Year!

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    • An excellent idea that I can’t recommend more. Tip: Although the printing cost is the same (at least at OfficeMax) I discovered this – you can print double sided on semi glossy calendar stock and use a sturdy spine bar with a magnetic strip, which would work on the sides of a metal file cabinets or refrigerators. :)


  4. Hi there!
    This is absolutely gorgeous! I saw this geek calendar on tumblr and literally got speechless! That’s talent right there. And thank you so much for making all these high-res pictures available to all! It’s really nice and a great gift :) I have a little preference for the portrait of Mrs Lovett <3 but they’re all great! Thank you again!


  5. Hello!
    Found this via tumblr, the artwork is fantastic!
    – Particularly like the pic of Richard Armitage ;)

    Also thanks to the geezers who contributed the artwork and printing of the calender towards the tumblr giveaway!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Mimi/ thegapperproject


    • The artwork is made available by Olga (SceithAilm), in high resolution, and is available to anybody who wishes to print their own on her DeviantArt page (see page link in this Post). Olga has given her blessings towards this Blog Post.

      I am the geezer who printed the Calender gift. ;) In behalf of the artist, thank you for your comments!


    • I have collected them over the months and since the first post here on her work, which included Mr. August. (And I had this feeling that Richard might also be Mr. December…I wonder why? ;) )

      I have become a very big fan of hers. Isn’t it beautiful? The entire calendar prints really well!


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